Employee Time Clock

Our Employee Time Clock solution offers streamlined mechanics, reporting capabilties, and synchronization with OSAS®.

  • Web-based Time Clock screen – employees scan badge to clock in/out
  • Time Clock Control – can setup clock in/out rules with grace period per department, employee, and/or scan date; reports and optional incentives for clocking in/out within rules
  • Badge control – employee badge made up of employee ID and badge ID (setup by power user); print barcoded badges to be used for clocking in/out
  • Supervisor Time Clock and Time Clock Report - tools for management to review and/or correct time clock entries
  • Payroll Import Journal – review breakdown of hours and rates per employee and date as well as payroll transactions to be imported
  • Payroll Import – creates payroll transactions (regular pay, overtime, optional incentive for following time clock rules)
  • Option – remote stand-alone version. Sync updates to main server for weekly payroll processing.
Screenshot of Timeclock